Town Offices

13 Center Road, Unit 3
Unity, NH 03603

Town Clerk - Unit 1

Ramona Labrie - Town Clerk
Kevin Brenker - Deputy Clerk
(603) 542-9665

Tax Collector - Unit 2

Rhonda King - Tax Collector
Jen Amell - Dep. Tax Collector
(603) 543-0280

Accounting - Unit 2

Jen Amell
(603) 779-5676

Selectmen Notices

Notice 1 – Road Conditions Notice 2 – Tax Rate All Unity Town Roads are hereby CLOSED to 6 ton weight and over vehicles, until further…

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Town Clerk Notices

The Supervisors of the Checklist will be meeting on Tuesday, June 4th from 7 pm to 7:30 pm, at the town office back entrance.   This is…

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Unity Selectmen & Assessing

Board of Selectmen – Garry Bator, Gary Ross, & William Schroeter
(603) 543-3102

Town of Unity, NH Selectmen Meeting Room showing a semi-round wooden table and black leather chairs
Several red and white Town of Unity NH Fire Department firetrucks and rescue vehicles.

Unity Fire Department

Fire Chief Tim Davis, (603) 558-2089
Fire Station (non-emergency) – (603) 543-3838
Emergency – 911

Unity Highway Department

Road Foreman – Harold Booth
(603) 542-5667

A dump truck from the Town of Unity NH Highway Department is parked near a plow in a storage shelter.
Old Map of the Town of Unity, NH from 1964 with an inset of what the town was called in the past

Unity Planning, Building & Zoning

Planning Board Chair – David Pardy – [email protected]
Building & Health Inspector – Paul Moeller, (603) 398-4017

Unity Transfer Station

Transfer Station Manager – Vanessa Keith
(603) 543-1072

Town of Unity NH Transfer Station

Sights Around Town