Board of Selectmen

Town of Unity NH Selectmen Ceremony
Photo by Rhonda King

Selectmen Notices

Notice 1 – Road Conditions Notice 2 – Tax Rate All Unity Town Roads are hereby CLOSED to 6 ton weight and over vehicles, until further notice. The tax rate for 2023 has been set. For clarity…

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Town Offices

13 Center Road, Unit 3
Unity, NH 03603
(603) 543-3102

Board of Selectmen

Garry Bator
Gary Ross
William Schroeter

A secure drop box is mounted out front for paperwork. No transactions will be taken 15 minutes before closing to enable timely closing procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Selectmen meet the first and the third Mondays of every month, at 4:00 PM.   Most meetings will be held in the selectmen’s meeting room of the Town Office building.   If a meeting is elsewhere, location will be posted beforehand.

The time and agenda for the next meeting are posted on the Town Hall and Offices.

Please contact the town office, in advance and during the open hours, if you would like to be included on the agenda. Please provide your topic of discussion.

Meeting minutes are posted on the website approximately twice a year for historical purposes, as a courtesy. Anyone needing more current meeting minutes should contact the Town Clerk.

If you have questions about meeting times or other Town business matters, please contact the Town Office.